Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges not allowed to compete at National Omnium Championships

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges not allowed to compete at National Omnium Championships

Bridges was due to compete in her first women's event in Derby, coming up against five-time Olympic champion Dame Laura Kenny.

However, British Cycling said it was informed by the UCI, cycling's governing body, that she is not eligible under its current guidelines.

"We have been in close discussions with the UCI regarding Emily's participation this weekend and have also engaged closely with Emily and her family regarding her transition and involvement in elite competitions," a British Cycling statement read.

"We acknowledge the decision of the UCI with regards to Emily's participation, however we fully recognise her disappointment with today's decision.

"Transgender and non-binary inclusion is bigger than one race and one athlete - it is a challenge for all elite sports. We believe all participants within our sport deserve more clarity and understanding around participation in elite competitions and we will continue to work with the UCI on both Emily's case and the wider situation with regards to this issue."

British Cycling also called for a coalition to share, learn and understand more about how fairness can achieved in elite sport while also maintaining the dignity and respect of all athletes.

"Within recent years, we've seen huge advancements in the science and testing around elite sports, the broader scientific and understanding of human biology, developments in protection provided by the law, and crucially a greater respect for the psychological and societal challenges of those who are transgender and non-binary. This is a complex area and by uniting, we can share resources and insights.

"We know that some of these conversations are happening in pockets of the sporting world, but we want to encourage all sporting governing bodies, athletes, the transgender and non-binary athlete community, the Government and beyond to come together and find a better answer.

"Across sports, far more needs to be done, collectively, before any long-term conclusions can be drawn."

British Cycling updated its transgender regulations this year, with riders required to have testosterone levels below five nanomoles per litre for a 12-month period prior to racing.

While she was completing her hormone therapy as part of her gender dysphoria treatment, Bridges continued to compete in men's events, winning the men's points race at the British University Championships in Glasgow.

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