Andorran 1a Divisió

Andorran 1a Divisió

The Lliga Nacional de Fútbol, also known as Primera Divisió (First Division) or Campionat de Lliga, is the top football league for Andorra. The league was launched in 1995 sponsored by the local federation (Andorran Football Federation) which was created just one year before, in 1994. Until then the clubs played since 1970 an amateur league without a structure or affiliation with any official institution. After the UEFA and FIFA affiliation in 1996 the Andorran clubs are able to compete in the UEFA competitions. Until 2015 the league was known as Lliga Grup Becier and during 2016 Lliga Grup Sant Eloi. It was renamed in 2017 as Lliga Multisegur Assegurances for sponsorship reasons. All the teams in the league play in the same stadiums owned by the federation. The same occurs in all other Andorran competitions, such as Copa Constitució and Supercopa. FC Andorra, one of the major clubs in the country based in Andorra la Vella have never played in this league. They play in the Spanish league system, because they are registered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, but the team is mostly composed of players with Andorran nationality.

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