Ncaa Fighting

Ncaa Fighting

Collegiate wrestling (also known as folkstyle wrestling) is the form of wrestling practiced mainly by men at the college and university level in the United States. This style, with some slight modifications, is also practiced at high school and middle school levels, and also among younger participants, where it is known as scholastic wrestling. These names help distinguish collegiate wrestling from other styles of wrestling that are practiced around the world such as those in the Olympic Games: freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. Women's wrestling at the US college level uses two different rulesets. The National Wrestling Coaches Association, whose women's division is now recognized by the NCAA as part of its Emerging Sports for Women program, uses the freestyle ruleset as defined by the sport's international governing body, United World Wrestling. The National Collegiate Wrestling Association, a separate governing body that conducts competition for colleges and universities parallel to but outside the scope of the NCAA, uses collegiate rules in its women's division. Collegiate and freestyle wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman, also both allow the use of the wrestler's or his opponent's legs in offense and defense. Seasons none found... Teams NCAA Fighting -11 Key () Missing Artwork (- 4) Missing 4 Players: Data and Artwork () Team Complete Trophy Icon Fanart Banner Other Links Facebook Twitter Website Youtube

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