Croatian Druga Hnl

Croatian Druga Hnl

The Croatian Second Football League (Croatian: Druga hrvatska nogometna liga) or, more commonly, Druga HNL or 2. HNL is the second tier of the football league system in Croatia. The league was formed in 1991 with the breakup of Yugoslavia and the dissolution of the Yugoslav Second League. The 2. HNL is operated by the Croatian Football Federation, which also was formed in 1991, contributing (along with the newly formed Football Association of Slovenia) to the dissolution of the Football Association of Yugoslavia. Between the 2001–02 season and 2005–06 season, the league was split in two divisions, one being the Northern Croatian Second League and the other being the Southern Croatian Second League. Each of these two leagues comprised twelve teams playing under a system pretty much identical to the one in the Prva HNL. However, since the start of the 2006–07 season, the united Croatian Second League comprises twelve teams from the entire country. Relegation from this division is into one of the regional divisions of the Treća HNL.

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