Malaysia Cup

Malaysia Cup

The Malaysia Cup (Malay: Piala Malaysia), formerly known as Malaya Cup, is an annual association football tournament in Malaysia, held at the end of the calendar year. The cup was first held in 1921. Despite its prestige and popularity as the nation's oldest cup tournament, it is currently a secondary cup to the Malaysia FA Cup, as Malaysia's slot for continental cup tournament (AFC Cup) is usually allocated to the winner of the Malaysia FA Cup. The competition was previously managed by the Football Association of Malaysia, before it was transferred to the Football Malaysia LLP (now known as the Malaysian Football League) in the 2016 season. Since the 2016 season, only the top eleven teams of the Malaysia Super League and the top five teams of the Malaysia Premier League qualify for the Malaysia Cup during the same season. The current title holder is Kuala Lumpur City, who won the 2021 edition.

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