Taiwan Football Premier League

Taiwan Football Premier League

Taiwan Football Premier League (TFPL; Chinese: 台灣企業甲級足球聯賽) is the top-ranked division in the Taiwanese football league run by Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA). History The Taiwan Football Premier League was founded in 2017 after the folding of the then highest-ranked National First Division Football League (Intercity Football League). Under the serious epidemic COVID-19 in 2020, TFPL due to light situation in Taiwan, became one of the few football leagues in the world to start the season as usual. Competition format The Taiwan Football Premier League's schedule usually runs from April to November. It contains 8 teams that compete in a series of three round-robin tournaments, each composed of seven games. After the 21 game schedule is complete, the top team wins the league title and an automatic berth in the following year's AFC Cup. Since 2020, a system of promotion and relegation exists between the Premier League and the Taiwan Football Challenge League (Chinese: 台灣企業甲級升降足球聯賽) . The lowest placed team in the Premier League is relegated to the Challenge League, and the top team from the Challenge League promoted to the Premier League. The runners-up of the Challenge League will play in a qualification tournament with the 7th in the Premier League, which the winner stays in the first Division.。

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