European Athletics Championships

European Athletics Championships

The European Athletics Championships is a biennial (from 2010) athletics event organised by the European Athletics Association. First held in 1934 in Turin, the Championships have taken place every four years, with a few exceptions. Since 2010, they have been organised every two years, and when they coincide with the Summer Olympics, the marathon and racewalking events are not contested. From 2018, European Championships not held in an Olympic year will form part of the European Championships, a new quadrennial multi-sport event designed and held by individual European sports federations. The 2020 edition set for Charlety Stadium in Paris was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this the first cancellation of the event since the 1942 championship was abandoned due to World War II. The event was not moved to an alternative date, with Munich continuing as host in 2022.

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